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hit power
01; m. boney; daddy cool;
01; rainford tina; silver bird;
01; mc lean penny; devil eyes;
01; smokie; i'll meet you at midnight;
01; summer donna; could it be magic;
01; mizell hank; jungle rock;
01; rollers bay city; roch and roll love letter;
01; hello; love stealer;
01; 5000 volts; doctor kiss kiss;
01; chocolate hot; heaven is in the back seat of my;
01; wakelin johnny; in zaire;
01; convention silver; fly robin fly;
01; brothers bellamy; let your love flow;
01; sutherland brothers&quiver; arms of mary;
01; express liverpool; you are my love;
01; kids heavy metal; she's no angel;
01; j.a.l.n.band; disco music /i like it;
01; real thing the; you to me are everything;
01; chocolate hot; man to man;
01; smokie; wild wild angel;

british greats
02; dee &... dave; hold tight;
02; five dave clark; glad all over;
02; mann manfred; do wah diddy diddy;
02; jeans swinging blue; hippy hippy shake;
02; faces small; sha la la la lee;
02; who; i'm a boy;
02; mindbenders; groovy kind of love;
02; peter&gordon; world without love;
02; kinks; sunny afternoon;
02; shadows; apache;
02; hollies; bus stop;
02; honeycombs; have i the right;
02; lords; shaking all over;
02; brothers walker; the sun aint gonna shine;
02; davies dave; death of a clown;
02; beatles; my bonnie;
02; seachers; needles and pins;
02; gees bee; massachussettes;
02; richard cliff; living doll;
02; jerry mungo; in the summertime;

moonlight melodies
03; billy vaughn orchester; sail along silv'ry moon;
03; billy vaughn orchester; aloha oe;
03; billy vaughn orchester; raunchy;
03; billy vaughn orchester; red sails in the sunset;
03; billy vaughn orchester; blueberry hill;
03; billy vaughn orchester; twilight time;
03; billy vaughn orchester; blue moon;
03; billy vaughn orchester; sunrise serenade;
03; billy vaughn orchester; lili marleen;
03; billy vaughn orchester; la paloma;
03; billy vaughn orchester; moonlight and roses;
03; billy vaughn orchester; wheels;
03; billy vaughn orchester; blue hawaii;
03; billy vaughn orchester; sentimental journey;
03; billy vaughn orchester; shine on harvest moon;
03; billy vaughn orchester; berlin melody;
03; billy vaughn orchester; my happiness;
03; billy vaughn orchester; a swinging safari;
03; billy vaughn orchester; unchained melody;
03; billy vaughn orchester; morgen;

20 super hit power
04; the buggles; video killed the radio star;
04; lear amanda; diamonds;
04; m; moonlight and muzak;
04; robertson b.a.; bang bang;
04; bionda la; disco roller;
04; lane suzi; harmony;
04; kinks the; superman;
04; teens the; baby blue;
04; paul bernie; angie;
04; project the alan parsons; lucifer;
04; m. boney; i'm born again;
04; hudson al and the part.; you can do it;
04; stewart amii; jealousy;
04; band saragossa; zabadak;
04; riva sound orlando; indian reservation;
04; wilson precious; hold on i'm coming;
04; khan dschinghis; rocking son of dschinghis khan;
04; dalida; let me dance tonight;
04; bananas lou and the hol.; kingston kingston;
04; carte a la; doctor doctor;

hit rocket
05; epoque la belle; black is black;
05; m. boney; ma baker;
05; young john paul; standing in the rain;
05; lear amanda; blood and honey;
05; showaddywaddy; you got what it takes;
05; sweet; stairway to the stars;
05; smokie; it's your life;
05; spedding chris; get outa my pagoda;
05; harpo; in the zum zum zummernight;
05; chocolate hot; so you win again;
05; smokie; needles and pins;
05; space; magic fly;
05; devotion sheila and b.; love my baby;
05; lean penny mc; dance bunny honey dance;
05; nova symphony; star wars theme;
05; kids heavy metal; delirious;
05; floaters; float on;
05; coy van mc; soul cha cha;
05; man brotherhood of; angelo;
05; silver johnny d.; i remember elvis presley;

hot shots
06; devotion sheila and b.; spacer;
06; bataan joe; rap o clap o;
06; ottawan; d i s c o;
06; nannini gianna; america;
06; whispers the; and the beat goes on;
06; blondie; atomic;
06; fire earth and; fire of love;
06; luv; ann maria;
06; gang kool and the; ;
06; clout; portable radio;
06; aguilar freddie; anak;
06; buggles the; the plastic age;
06; christie tony; train to yesterday;
06; shalamar; the second time around;
06; veterans; there ain't no age for rock'n;
06; richard cliff; carrie;
06; robertson b.a.; bang bang;
06; brothers bellamy; dancin' cowboys;
06; matchbox; buzz buzz a diddle it;
06; curry tim; i do the rock;

hit machine
07; 5000 volts; i'm on fire;
07; kenny; julie ann;
07; crae george mc; sing a happy song;
07; funky boys linda and the; sold my rock and roll;
07; harpo; moviestar;
07; tropical typically; barbados;
07; campbell glen; rhineston cowboy;
07; swan billy; don't be cruel;
07; black whatch the band of the; scotch on the rocks;
07; smokey; if you think you know how to love;
07; mud; oh boy;
07; quatro susi; i may be too young;
07; sunshine band k.c. and the; get down tonight;
07; sweet the; the six teens;
07; hammond albert; down by the river;
07; nash johnny; tears on my pillow;
07; john elton; i saw her syanding there;
07; spedding chris; motor bikin';
07; showaddywaddy; heartbeat;
07; hello; new york groove;

happy happy
08; berger wolf; verschiedene;

10; douglas carl; kung fu fighting;
10; lace paper; the night chicago died;
10; reunion; life is a rock;
10; cats; be my day;
10; kenzie nick mc; junanita;
10; lobo; i'd love you to want me;
10; class first; beach baby;
10; onions oliver; dune buggy;
10; kincade john; when;
10; vinci paul da; your baby aint your baby;
10; corporation hues; rock the boat;
10; degrees three; year of decision;
10; sensation sweet; sad sweet dreamer;
10; crae geporge mc; rock your baby;
10; hammond albert; i'm a train;
10; stardust alvin; jealous mind;
10; road middle of the; rocking soul;
10; tremeloes; good time band;
10; satabarbar; charley;
10; purple deep; smoke on the water;

maxi disco
12; m; pop muzik;
12; stewart amii; knock on wood;
12; ganymed; it takes me higher;
12; juvet patrick; lady night;
12; g.q.; disco nights rock freak;
12; barry claudia; boogie woogie dancin' shoes;
12; explosion emly starr; satiago lover;
12; people village; hot cop;
12; thing real; can you feel the force;

14; e.l.o.; shine a little love;
14; e.l.o.; confusion;
14; e.l.o.; need her love;
14; e.l.o.; the diary of horace wimp;
14; e.l.o.; last train to london;
14; e.l.o.; midnight blue;
14; e.l.o.; on the run;
14; e.l.o.; wishing;
14; e.l.o.; don't bring me down;

video magic
16; eberhard schoener; octogon;
16; eberhard schoener; speech behind speech;
16; eberhard schoener; natural high;
16; eberhard schoener; code word elvis;
16; eberhard schoener; video magic;
16; eberhard schoener; night bound city;
16; eberhard schoener; san francisco waitress;
16; eberhard schoener; koan;

17; nine nine; so greedy;
17; nine nine; little red riding hood;
17; nine nine; break it up;
17; nine nine; taboo;
17; nine nine; nercy mercy;
17; nine nine; fortune teller;
17; nine nine; obsessed;
17; nine nine; silent anger;
17; nine nine; that's the way it goes;
17; nine nine; bongos on the nile;
17; nine nine; don't you know i need you;
17; nine nine; public enemy no. 1;

don't look back
18; boston; don't look back; don't look back
18; boston; the journey;
18; boston; it's easy;
18; boston; a man i'll never be;
18; boston; feelin' satisfied;
18; boston; party;
18; boston; used to bad news;
18; boston; don't be afraid;

20; project; lucifer;
20; project; you lie down with dogs;
20; project; i'd rather be a man;
20; project; you won't be there;
20; project; dammed if i do;
20; project; don't hold back;
20; project; secret garden;
20; project; if i could chance your mind;

eat to the beat
21; blondie; dreaming;
21; blondie; the hardest part;
21; blondie; union city blue;
21; blondie; shayla;
21; blondie; eat to the beat;
21; blondie; accidents never happen;
21; blondie; die young stay pretty;
21; blondie; slow motion;
21; blondie; atomic;
21; blondie; sound a sleep;
21; blondie; victor;
21; blondie; living in the real world;

ladies' night
22; kool and the gang; ladies' night;
22; kool and the gang; got you in to my life;
22; kool and the gang; if you feel like dancin';
22; kool and the gang; hangin' out;
22; kool and the gang; tonight's the night;
22; kool and the gang; too hot;

slow train coming
24; bob dylan; gotta serve somebody;
24; bob dylan; precious angel;
24; bob dylan; i believe in you;
24; bob dylan; slow train;
24; bob dylan; gonna change my way of thinking;
24; bob dylan; do right to me baby;
24; bob dylan; when you gonna wake up;
24; bob dylan; man gave names to all the anima;
24; bob dylan; when he returns;

night owl
26; gerry rafferty; days gone down;
26; gerry rafferty; night owl;
26; gerry rafferty; the way that you do it;
26; gerry rafferty; wy won't you talk to me;
26; gerry rafferty; get it right next time;
26; gerry rafferty; take the money and run;
26; gerry rafferty; family tree;
26; gerry rafferty; already gone;
26; gerry rafferty; the tourist;
26; gerry rafferty; it's gonna be a long night;
27; gerry rafferty; standing at the gates; sleepwalking
27; gerry rafferty; good intentions;
27; gerry rafferty; a change of heart;
27; gerry rafferty; on the way;
27; gerry rafferty; sleepwalking;
27; gerry rafferty; cat and mouse;
27; gerry rafferty; the right moment;
27; gerry rafferty; as wise as a serpent;

20 greatest hits
28; hot chocolate; so you win again;
28; hot chocolate; you sexy thing;
28; hot chocolate; put your love in me;
28; hot chocolate; love is live;
28; hot chocolate; you'll always be a friend;
28; hot chocolate; rumours;
28; hot chocolate; i believe i love;
28; hot chocolate; a child's prayer;
28; hot chocolate; don't stop it now;
28; hot chocolate; i'll put you together again;
28; hot chocolate; no doubt about it;
28; hot chocolate; emma;
28; hot chocolate; brother louie;
28; hot chocolate; man to man;
28; hot chocolate; mindless boogie;
28; hot chocolate; you could've been a lady;
28; hot chocolate; going through the motion;
28; hot chocolate; heaven is in the back seat of my;
28; hot chocolate; disco queen;
28; hot chocolate; every 1's a winner;

29; duesenberg; computer game;
29; duesenberg; lass mich;
29; duesenberg; slavin' my life away;
29; duesenberg; get it on;
29; duesenberg; we don't talk to strangers;
29; duesenberg; ruby;
29; duesenberg; oh mary lou;
29; duesenberg; finis sister;
29; duesenberg; yvonne;

symphonic rock
33; the london symphony orchestra; get back;
33; the london symphony orchestra; layla;
33; the london symphony orchestra; stairway to heaven;
33; the london symphony orchestra; baker street;
33; the london symphony orchestra; another brick in the wall;
33; the london symphony orchestra; jet;
33; the london symphony orchestra; ruby tuesday;
33; the london symphony orchestra; i don't like mondays;
33; the london symphony orchestra; bright eyes;
33; the london symphony orchestra; hey jude;

ocean of fantasy
34; boeny m.; let it all be music;
34; boney m.; gotta go home;
34; boney m.; bye bye bluebird;
34; boney m.; bahama mama;
34; boney m.; hold on i'm coming;
34; boney m.; two of us;
34; boney m.; ribbons of blue;
34; boney m.; el lute;
34; boney m.; no more chain gang;
34; boney m.; ocean of fantasy;
34; boney m.; i'm born again;
34; boney m.; no time to lose;
34; boney m.; calendar song;

bad girls
35; donna summer; hot stuff;
35; doona summer; bad girls;
35; doona summer; love will always find you;
35; doona summer; walk away;
35; doona summer; dim all the lights;
35; doona summer; journey to the centre of your;
35; doona summer; one night in a lifetime;
35; doona summer; can't get to sleep at night;
35; doona summer; on my honor;
35; doona summer; there will be always be a you;
35; doona summer; all through the night;
35; doona summer; my baby understands;
35; doona summer; our love;
35; doona summer; lucky;
35; doona summer; sunset people;

38; pat benatar; diamond field;
38; pat benatar; we belong;
38; pat benatar; painted desert;
38; pat benatar; temporary heroes;
38; pat benatar; love in the ice age;
38; pat benatar; ooh ooh song;
38; pat benatar; the outlaw blues;
38; pat benatar; suburban king;
38; pat benatar; a crazy world like this;
38; pat benatar; takin' it back;

40; mike oldfield; platinum;
40; mike oldfield; woodhenge;
40; mike oldfield; into wonderland;
40; mike oldfield; punkadiddle;
40; mike oldfield; i got rhythm;

spirits having flown
41; bee gees; search find;
41; bee gees; stop;
41; bee gees; living together;
41; bee gees; i'm satisfied;
41; bee gees; until;
41; bee gees; tragedy;
41; bee gees; too much heaven;
41; bee gees; love you inside out;
41; bee gees; reaching out;
41; bee gees; spirits;

some days are diamonds
47; john denver; some days are diamonds;
47; john denver; gravel on the ground;
47; john denver; san francisco mabel joy;
47; john denver; sleepin' alone;
47; john denver; easy on easy street;
47; john denver; the cowboy and the lady;
47; john denver; country love;
47; john denver; till you opened my eyes;
47; john denver; wild flowers in a mason jar;
47; john denver; boy from the country;

ring of changes
49; barclay james harvest; fifties child;
49; barclay james harvest; looking from the outside;
49; barclay james harvest; teenage heart;
49; barclay james harvest; high wire;
49; barclay james harvest; midnight drug;
49; barclay james harvest; waiting for the right time;
49; barclay james harvest; justa day away;
49; barclay james harvest; paraiso dos cavalos;
49; barclay james harvest; ring of changes;

50; hook dr.; sharing the night together;
50; raydio; you can't change that;
50; john robert; sad eyes;
50; commodores; easy;
50; project the alan parsons; what goes up;
50; exil; kiss you all over;
50; carpenters; yesterday once more;
50; sang samantha; emotions;
50; harum procol; a whiter shade of pale;
50; transfer manhattan; chanson d'amour;
50; ross diana; theme from mahagony;
50; manhattens; kiss and say goodbye;
50; franklin aretha; i say a little prayer;
50; raydio; jack and jill;
50; pips gladys knight; midnight train to georgia;
50; goya francis; bright eyes;
50; houston thelma; don't leave me this way;
50; chocolate hot; i'll put you together again;

3 of us
51; humpe humpe; 3 of us;
51; humpe humpe; happiness is hard to take;
51; humpe humpe; memories;
51; humpe humpe; can't leave the pool;
51; humpe humpe; don't know where i belong;
51; humpe humpe; yama ha;
51; humpe humpe; geschrien im schlaf;
51; humpe humpe; yo no bailo;
51; humpe humpe; belle jar;
51; humpe humpe; you didn't want me when you had;

now you don't
53; cliff richard; the only way out;
53; cliff richard; first date;
53; cliff richard; thief in the night;
53; cliff richard; where do we go from here;
53; cliff richard; son of thunder;
53; cliff richard; little town;
53; cliff richard; it has to be you it has to be me;
53; cliff richard; the water is wide;
53; cliff richard; now you see me now you don';
53; cliff richard; be in my heart;
53; cliff richard; discovering;

count down
54; easton sheen; for your eyes only;
54; odyssey; going back to my roots;
54; newton juice; queen of hearts;
54; band little river; the night owls;
54; shot hot; i'm on fire;
54; kup ingrid; love what's your face;
54; hi closs; you'll never know;
54; savalas telly; lovin' understandin';
54; marshall keith; only crying;
54; schneider helen; rock'n' roll gypsy;
54; wilde kim; chequered love;
54; exil; heart and soul;
54; fizz bucks; one of those nights;
54; caro; i just wanna feel good;
54; pussycat; teenage queenie;
54; rheingold; dreiklangsdimens ionen;
54; manners bad; can can;
54; matchbox; love's made a fool of you;

super trouper
56; abba; super trouper;
56; abba; the winner takes it all;
56; abba; on and on and on;
56; abba; and ante and ante;
56; abba; me and i;
56; abba; happy new year;
56; abba; our last summer;
56; abba; the piper;
56; abba; lay all your love on me;
56; abba; the way old friends do;

street called desire
60; rene and angela; save your love;
60; rene and angela; i'll be good;
60; rene and angela; no how no way;
60; rene and angela; you don't have to cry;
60; rene and angela; street called desire;
60; rene and angela; your smile;
60; rene and angela; who's foolin' who;
60; rene and angela; drive my love;

rock a little
61; stevie nicks; i can't wait;
61; stevie nicks; rock a little;
61; stevie nicks; sister honey;
61; stevie nicks; i sing for the things;
61; stevie nicks; imperial hote;
61; stevie nicks; some become strangers;
61; stevie nicks; talk to me;
61; stevie nicks; the nightmare;
61; stevie nicks; if i were you;
61; stevie nicks; no spoken word;
61; stevie nicks; has anyone ever written anything;

madonna's eyes
63; jennifer rush; madonna's eyes;
63; jennifer rush; lovers;
63; jennifer rush; come give me your hand;
63; jennifer rush; nobody move;
63; jennifer rush; never gonna turn back again;
63; jennifer rush; ring of ice;
63; jennifer rush; into my dreams;
63; jennifer rush; i see a shadow;
63; jennifer rush; surrender;
63; jennifer rush; the power of love;

64; jennifer rush; destiny;
64; jennifer rush; live wire;
64; jennifer rush; silent killer;
64; jennifer rush; automatic;
64; jennifer rush; if you're ever gonna lose my;
64; jennifer rush; ave maria;
64; jennifer rush; testify with my heart;
64; jennifer rush; yesterme yesteryou yester;
64; jennifer rush; the right time has come now;
64; jennifer rush; hero of a fool;


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